Monday, June 7, 2010

Character development

There's nothing better when someone who's read your draft - and who is "not a dog person, in fact, I hate dogs" - tells you that they really connected with your dog through your writing.

Mind you, there's nothing worse than someone else telling you they couldn't remember who "so-and-so" and "who-whatsit" were, or anything they said or did, the minute they put the book down.

That's an example of good character development vs. bad/non-existent. And it's currently what plagues me. Oh, that and....... *big breath in* the 38 pages of rewrites that got totally wiped. I could cry. Nay, I have cried, about that today. Just so much effort! Wasted. Hopefully, I can get most of it back (from my head, that is). But I don't like my chances.

Here is an example of my happy "baby", Pepper, and me in 1999 - I just got tagged today in this photo by my cousin from the UK who was staying with us (I remember him taking this photo!) - when she was a spritely 5 years old.

My god, that makes her practically ancient now.

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