Sunday, June 27, 2010

If it looks like a present...

It's my birthday today.

I've been given a two-pack of frypans by the husband. Oh, and a thermal mug (love those).

That's it.

I'm very easy to please, and always accept presents graciously. Usually. But I've gotta say.... I am getting pretty ticked off with the lack of thought that goes into my presents the past several years by my partner. No, wait.. that's not quite correct. I'm actually quite gracious about that as well. I don't CARE how much money is spent on me, I don't mind that sometimes I get a bogus gift - I'm not saying that. And I don't want to come off sounding unkind or ungrateful that there was any present at all.

But ... come on. Really? A two-pack of frypans?! They weren't even wrapped. They were given to me in the plastic bag they were shoved in by the checkout operator. It seems my significant other is stuck in a present rut. These are the sorts of gifts I have been getting - ones for the home, nay, for me to use on the family in the home, no less - for the past several years. If it is totally acceptable and I am just being very ungracious, do tell. Help a guy out!

Tell me: am I being a princess here? Do I really have to suck it up? Is it the lot of being a parent/mother/significant other for almost two decades? Could he REALLY have run out of ideas already?

Do you happily accept gifts for general/family/home use? Have you ever regularly received one for your birthday? If you have, tell me what kinds of things your family buy you, in the name of a present.

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