Monday, June 28, 2010

I came to read this blog and all I got....

....was a lousy, whining post.

To top off my birthday yesterday, someone decided to un-Follow me! WAHHHH!! I don't think I've ever stopped following someone in all the time (a year? two? more??) the feature has been around. It's not the first follower that's dropped off my count, but it's the first one in a long while.

Mind you, I don't use my Blogs Following list the way I used to. These days, many of the blogs I don't like missing posts on come crawling through my Top 10 feed. There are still quite a few I've yet to add in there, though, and I still do miss many of the posts from people I like to keep loose track of. Gulp. Maybe the un-Follower (sounds a bit like the undead) had a keen eye on my favourite blogs and noticed his/hers didn't ever come up in it. If it was you.... ummmmmmm *small voice* Sorry!

It's got me thinking, though. How do you really see this Followers thing? I'm more appreciative when I come across blogs that have a link to mine down the side - when you're a follower, your little picture comes and goes (moreso if the blog has heaps of followers and you're just one of many). While the number of followers might indicate how many people have had a passing - or longer - appreciation of what one writes about, I think the longevity of that interest in a blog is more indicative of where your blog is 'advertised' on other blogs.

What do you think? Have you ever lost a follower (or more)?

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