Monday, June 14, 2010

What a dogs' dinner

No, really. It's the dogs' dinner. You thought I might be about to start talking about my abysmal character development, huh? Not today.

I ask you: would you eat this? Good quality pet grade (or is that an oxymoron?) mince aside, the dogs eat better than us some days.

Here' what they get:
Corn kernels
Short noodles (think they were vermicelli bits)

Our dogs fall all over themselves to get their din-dins every night now. Operation: Ditch The Can is in full swing here, coinciding with Snack-Free June. We are horrified at both the quality of dog dinners in-a-can and the expense of them if you want a good one. The snack-free part speaks to Steve's ability to bring back $20 or more of snackage that we just don't need - either for our waistlines or wallets.

Years ago, I used to cook all Pepper's meals. I haven't done it since we got Jazz. Pepper is most pleased, I should think, that on a recent visit to the vet, Jazz was deemed underweight - too much so - and a good hearty diet was required. The vet recommended giving her a meal at morning and evening time. This, of course, was before I discovered that the culprit responsible for Jazzy's Olsen-esque was none other than Steve, who had only been giving them a single can between them - no dried food - for several months. I'm going to put that down to extremely poor judgement on his part. And move on. I have finished my berating and decided it's time to bring out Mama's big stew pot. Perhaps this was the plan he hatched with Jazz all along.

The doggies are loving us for it. Jazz has reached a healthy weight again in only a couple of months. And, although it's cooking for the dogs - and perhaps non-dog lovers won't get this - but I get a sense of satisfaction from doing a big nosh-up for them.

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