Sunday, October 5, 2008

What's to do

Conversation with the LGBB yesterday went like this:

Me: Lolly, what would you like to do now?
LGBB: *pauses in thought* Mmmm.... watch Hi-5.
Me: You've already watched that today. What else would you like to do?
LGBB: *looks at me out of corner of eye* Watch. Hi. Five.
Me: (Ummm... how about) No. Something else?
LGBB: Watch-hi-five?
Me: No. What else?
LGBB: Watchifi' *as if running all three words together and saying them really fast will trick me*
Me: *sigh* Well. I guess we'll just sit here and do nothing then.
LGBB: Orrrrrr......
Me: Mmmm?
LGBB: *nodding slowly and staring at me like Kenny Craig* We watch Hi-Fiiiiive.

I have to hand it to her, she's pretty convincing. Only the thinly-veiled cheeky smirk gives her away.

Urgh. Bloody Hi-5. I mean, I love 'em. But geez sometimes I really despise them.

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