Friday, October 24, 2008

Another day, another Colour

(Continued from here so as not to appear to be droning on... and on... I'm not fooling anyone, am I?)

And so to Lime I went this week.

When I arrived at Peace Space, I walked in the door and on the table were the relevant stones and essences for this colour. Immediately, one caught my eye. Putting my bag down and taking my seat (for I was a tad late - damn traffic is hard to judge when you have over 2 hours of country driving to do and have to tackle morning city traffic before the road opens up before you to get to your little place of solitude for a day), I grabbed it. It was beautiful. I turned it over and over in my hands - a gorgeous pyramid-shaped green olive stone with pieces of white circular rock of some sort mottling the outside. Imagine a slice of nougat and substitute the guey (yummy) white nougat part for a soft olive colour and you've pretty much got what I was looking at. Gorgeous. Maybe not as tasty though...

And then, as the class began, I glanced over at the centrepiece again and there it was. This ring. I leaned over and asked someone what the stone was. Moss Agate, was the answer.

Turns out, the other little stone that had first caught my eye and had also resonated in me a "need" to grab hold of this was also Moss Agate. Heh! And once we actually got to the section that explains what it's all about, er umm.... well I was most heartened by what I read. In part:

One of the most powerful healing stones, Moss Agate promotes moderation in your approach to life. If you have a tendency to be 'buzzy' and highly energetic (erm, yup), either overly expansive or else overly structured (uh... uh huh), Moss Agate can help balance and calm you and helps you mellow out and move at a slower, more comfortable pace. It balances highly female-energised or highly male-energised person. Moss Agate leads you towards agreeability (oh, Steve will be SO pleased), persuasiveness, strength in all endeavours, balancing and the strengthening of positive personality traits. It allows you to see the beauty within all that your eyes touch.
On the physical levels, Moss Agate treats dehydration and disorders of the eyes, ameliorates fungal infections, stimulates digestion, aids in the elimination of toxins from the body and in relieving the symptoms of colds, internal infections and 'flu (cough, wheeze, oh my God I hope it works then). It may be used for topical skin conditions and infections. Moss Agate has an impact on the colon, circulatory system, lymphatics, pancreas and the pulses. It improves capillary action and increases elimination of unnecessary proteins and viruses because of its impact on the sinuses (well, you could have blown me down with a feather by this stage of reading what it does).
Moss Agate helps you emotionally prioritise and learn altruism. Moss Agate balances the priorities of your left-brain with your emotions and interlinks your emotional and mental bodies so that they can function as a single unit, while your practical spirituality develops (this is something that comes from developing a sense of self-security then being able to extend yourself to others with confidence.

So. I'm a little bit more than a little overjoyed they had not one but two pieces there for me to take a shine to - I literally was moth-to-a-flame with it and had no idea why (it rarely happens prior to reading about a stone, more often it occurs to me after I read and assimilate what it's about that I realise I need a particular stone's vibration does a connection happen for me).

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