Saturday, October 11, 2008

Don't walk... RUN!... from The Bug

I don't friggen believe this.

The hand foot and mouth is back. For a third go. Four tongue sores in as many hours have come up. My mouth is so sore, I could cry. I don't want this again *sob* I'm too busy now!

Sort of explains the dizziness of recent weeks, which only cleared up this week and I'm still not completely feeling "right" (shuddup!) and this isn't even mentioning the nasty episode that gripped me in the middle of this week that lasted two days and had me thinking I'd caught some sort of bug out of some food.

It's all this H, F & M! I am telling you, please don't take it lightly if you hear of it around. Not in a life threatening, dramatic sense. But just a "couldn't be arsed being so under the weather/sick/debilitated for so damn long" sense.

Just trust me: You DO NOT want this thing. It's vile and it doesn't bloody leave your system!!!


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