Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Accidental yumminess

I was about to make a pop cake last night (you know, like the surprise/pop quizz your English teacher used to pull on you) when I realised, crestfallen.... we had no eggs. You should've seen Steve's widdle face drop when I broke the news to him after announcing I was going to attempt a cake in a cup (recipe c/- Emma, thanks Emma!). Oops. Big let-down.

BUT.... did you know, you can get frozen ready-made crepes? I did not know this. If you did, and you didn't ever tell me, cast thee OUT!!!!! For shame. They're gluten free, made by Creative Gourmet and in your local Woollies/Safeway (and most likely, other places?) in the frozen fruit section-ish.

Anyway, I had some of these in the freezer, to cut a long story short. I also had some fresh blueberries in the fridge. And some choc dots/melting choc.

Hmmmmm *drums fingers* what to make, what to make...... *gasp* TING! I KNOW!! A chocolate-blueberry-crepe-thingy. It. Could. Work. So I grabbed all those ingredients and read the pack. It's as simple as this:

Heat a pan. Crepe goes in, heat it for twenty seconds. Flip it over. Now you have twenty seconds to lay down a row of choc drops and a little smattering of blueberries. Plenty of time. Begin to roll it up, carefully. Some of the blueberries will roll out. Meh. Shove 'em back in, that's fine. The melting chocolate will catch them.

Oh. My. LAWWWD. You haven't tried anything this perfectly delectable that's taken you UNDER A MINUTE to make. Colour me delirious, I am brilliant. And possibly totally unoriginal, but still.... in dessert heaven.

Try it. I beg of you.

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