Saturday, October 11, 2008

Oops, they did it again

I think much in the same way as anyone looks at their kids' photos and sees the likenesses and marvels at the similarities (and the differences), I was struck once again by just how much the LGBB is still resembling her sister.

What a LOT of expression Ellanor gave us in our minds' memories, to think that a 2.5 year-old can still be reminding us of her. Though I hasten to add, the two girls are different in so many respects: where Ella was reassuring and patient, the vibe from the LGBB was "follow me if you must but make your mind up, I take no passengers". While Ella was active and very driven, almost urgent, the LGBB couldn't be more laid-back if she tried. And so forth. Beautiful symmetries run between them too, of course, and their likeness is just one of these things.

She really did live her whole four week life so very fully, Ellanor Ruby. And the more I go on with my life, the more satisfied and settled I am that she really did do what she had to before she left.

My dear poppet of an angel. How funny and sweet she was. Is. I remain in awe of her, then and now.

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