Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Literal Lolly

Steve and the LGBB took the dog for a walk.

I knew what happened on that walk must have been hilarious because when he tried to tell me the story, Steve did that laugh he does where he sounds like a 10 year-old little girl, giggling shrilly. It's the funniest thing. In fact... that may have actually been funnier, to me, than this story itself. Do you know any of those people *those people?* who don't audibly laugh at things they find amusing, so when you do hear them laugh so uncontrollably, heartily, that in itself is just hysterical to you regardless of whether their story is funny to you or not?

Hmmm... but to cut a longish story short, here's what happened.

The sun was setting and the light was shining right in her eyes. She protested to her Dad, whinging ever so slightly - "Issa bit bright." They went behind some trees as they walked and the problem was solved for the meantime.

But not for long, he knew. So Steve suggested to her that "The next time the sun's shining in your eyes, just turn your head."

Next thing he knew, his daughter had turned into one of those laughing clowns at the carnival - on the next big flash of sunlight, she tried what her Dad had told her and started to slowly turn her head. Left, right, lefffft...... riiiiiiight.

Apparently, he asked if it was working.

"Nah," was her matter-of-fact response. But she still kept trying for a while. And that's what I love about the LGBB.

She gives something a damn good go. Even if at first you don't succeed...

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