Sunday, October 5, 2008

Diatribe of a Mad Housewife, Sunny style

I've been reminding Steve he needs to read my book sooner or later. I'm into Chapter 13 and have around 120,000 words now (they're long chapters - hey, it's me you're reading here, I type long, I chat long, deal with it). I'm still wondering where this epic will finish, for I haven't even made it to the IVF part yet.

It's going to be heavy going for Steve to read. Although he wants to, I know it will be hard, all joking aside. There's a lot of him in it. There's a lot of "the old us, before" and there's also the "us, after".... I realise it's difficult for him to read it all in one sitting. I've been reading him snippets out loud and he says it's perfect.

He says it's going to pan out like when Marge asks Homer to read her book she's written so that he's all okay with it and Homer attempts to read it, gets bored and falls asleep during reading. He tells her that he "LOOOVES" the book.

So I said to him that, given the content, if he professes how much he LOOOVES my work in progress, I'll be more than a little sus.

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