Friday, October 31, 2008

Ugh. It's That Day again

October 31st. Halloween. The day when kids in our neighbourhood totally misunderstand that 'holiday' and come scavenging for yet more sugary junk food.

I'd love to know, just once, that any parent anywhere around here has actually sat their child down and explained the origins of the ritual.

What I absolutely cannot STAND is when they turn up at our door, not even having bothered to dress up - no costume, nothing - and just say "Trick or treeeeat". Fark orf. Is what I want to say. I am such a bummer to them, though (although now we've moved house and they will be so glad of it). I used to give them all a cheese slice each. Stuff that lollies and chocolate shit. Not if you're not going to even attempt to go to some sort of effort.

Ba Humbug. I really detest October 31st.

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