Sunday, October 26, 2008

Today I cried

It struck me again. The reminder that I have started to slip into "for granted" territory yet again.

The thought was on my mind yesterday because of things I said and saw and did and realised.

And today, swimming lesson day, I was watching them swim together. And I remembered again: we've created somebody. We've grown someone from a mere speck of dust. Someone who now demands I put on Mary Poppins or "Dorory over the rainbow" (of Oz fame). Someone who is beginning to make things up, imaginary "treasures" and dancing partners. Someone who becomes so engrossed in play that her immense joy for whomever or whatever she is playing with just HAS to get a kiss NOW and inevitably, if that 'whomever' is you, you'd get the smooch on your kisser and probably a big hug too.

Today, Steve had to go under the water at the same time as the LGBB, who was being held by her teacher. They came up beaming at each other. The same wide-mouthed lipless, tooth-hidden grin. And then, I cried. Just looking at them. She gazed so lovingly at her Dad that I couldn't help the blubber that escaped my big-girl mouth. Then she wiped his brow, his hair, his cheeks so tenderly, pushing away the drips. She leaned in and planted a kiss on his lips, threw an arm around his neck and gave a casual one-armed hug while she watched the other kids take their turn.

And I cried again. Just so privileged to be watching them.

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