Sunday, October 17, 2010

Parity purchases

While economists are spreading mixed doom and gloom/boon messages about the Aussie dollar reaching parity with the USD, I decided to have a bit of a USD spend spree online. You know, to commemorate this historical occasion.

I bought some more goodies for my pursuit of the ideal bento box. Today, the shopping list was:  vegie shape cutters (floral, mostly); bento sticks (think short, blunt skewers in the shape of flower stalks, umbrella handles and the likes) which you stick into your cut vegies - awwwww steamed carrot flowers! - two kinds of bento separators (to wedge between your chosen bits of meal, very handy to keep flavours from mixing which is all important for the kiddies who don't like to merge anything with ANYTHING) in the shape of grassy hedges and a family of bears; a triangle shape sandwich cutter (this thing doesn't waste anything of your sanga but chops off the crusts AND seals your bread sandwich on all three sides as if you'd stitched it.... amazing!); another sandwich cutter that, again, doesn't waste anything of your sandwich and cuts off the crusts but has four very cleverly configured shapes - I think it's a bus, teddy, car and something else - into four dainty-bite sandwiches. There were a couple of other things as well and I got it all including shipping for $40.

Special mention to nellbe - who came across to my blog following a link I put in my comment on Lucy's recent competition post to view my first effort at the sandwich sushi - for reigniting my passion! And with the Aust. dollar in its current state, what better time? Eh? What? Oh, don't pay any attention to Steve, he always looks at me like that....

Since I first began, I have received a care package from my Japanese sister in-law, who is most excited to be able to share this new love of mine with me. She sent us over some Hello Kitty merchandise, including a gorgeous little double storey snack box that clips tightly in place, some silicone moulds in really pretty pastel colours, food stamps (not the kind from the Great War, but more your scrapbooking-with-food types... literally, hole punches of various shapes to make noses, whiskers, eyes, mouths of little characters out of cheese and nori sheets and stick them on rice balls). And the ultimate:  a Hello Kitty sandwich cutter.

Now, you'll have to forgive me the lack of pictures. But once I receive my latest shipment - damn and blast the infernal lack of bento accessorising outlets here in Melbourne (if not Australia), for I am yet to find one, even though I scour every thrift shop I walk past in the hopes of finding something really cool to use - I will show you some creations.

Lolly is really enjoying them, not that I do it every day, and I have to say... I too get a really big kick out of creating something she so loves. And it's special, different, something the other kids don't have - even if at the end of the day all I'm doing is making a healthy sandwich and vegie packed lunch look like a carnival.

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