Monday, October 25, 2010

There are satellites of lurve in our vegie patch!

We made a no-dig raised vegie bed yesterday. A little something for the LGBB to tend. She's really loving watching her tomatoes grow and diligently waters them. They're very healthy and robust, with heaps of sweet little yellow star flowers on them. Oh, how I hope it fruits! They will be our very first if they do.

Quiet! Concentrating. Soil carrying is tricky when your spade is only the size of your hand.

Just checking Daddy's doing it right...

Here is Nanna, tending her vegies' home. Very serious business.

That greenery against the fence is a tall weed. D'oh. Forgot to remove that one. But it looks healthy, non?

Today, I took Lolly down to the local nursery and we bought a couple more punnets of seedlings to add to our growing little salad bowl. Now we have leeks and rocket. The cucumbers didn't work. Some good for nothing slug (or possibly Jazz.... same diff, really) ate them AND the basil I was trying to grow. I never have any luck with basil. But parsley? You need a nice big bunch of flat leaf parsley and, apparently, I'm your supplier. I cannot kill the stuff, it is just loving its spot in the middle of our garden. Rather inconvenient but it was there before we dismantled the buildings around it.

Doesn't this just make you want to make a big pot of parsley soup? Ahhh, I love ingesting Green.

When I got busy planting the punnets in their new home, I could not for the life of me get that Def Leppard song out of my head.

So now, I shall implant the song in your head. Because I'm evil sharing like that. See if you can go a meal where rocket is one of the ingredients and not sing it. Ever again. Or are you a bit mad like us and do that already? Steve loves Def Leppard. They're his favourite band. They sort of came with the package back in 1993 - "Love me, love the Lep" - oooooooooh-kay. So I did.

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