Monday, October 18, 2010

If I could, I would

...wear a dress like this. But the largest they had was a size 7.  D'oh.

I didn't have to say "Your friend's having a party" twice to the LGBB. She'd sprinted to her cupboard and pulled out Her Party Dress before I could finish the sentence. And tell her it was at a play centre. But for a girl who loooooooves dresses and has a keen eye for fashion, apparently - I was told this morning in no uncertain terms, "Uh, mum, I really don't like that top you're wearing".... kid you not, and it was in no way mean, just very honest - there was no better time like the present to don her new party clothes. Play centre appropriate or no.

So, anyone, if you were there today and saw a kid dressed like a hoity-toity princess and thought her mother must either be a snob or have rocks in her head for letting her wear such a pretty thing to a grimy play centre, just know that in my defense it was better than the alternative:  a white all-in-one leotard/tutu number.

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