Monday, October 18, 2010


It's an age of continued newfound wonders. An age where the first, perhaps the second, year of school is well underway. An age of growing awareness of the importance of firm friendships, and of the pain we can cause our little friends if we don't include them. It's an age of really loving the family unit, of drawings blossoming into full-blown works of art, of gazing with wonder at the page as our hand - our own hand! - makes words that others can read.

Alliecat from In A Pea Green Boat holds a little girl closer to her heart today more than all the other now countless days. For today, her firstborn daughter Kristen would have been turning six. If you have a moment, pop over to her blog and leave a message.

Remembering her brief existence that has cast an enduring light on your family today, Allie, and wishing you peace and love now that the lead-up is 'gotten through' for yet another year.

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