Tuesday, October 26, 2010

This is a job for..... Eddie Teddy

It's Eddie Teddy's turn to stay at the LGBB's place this week. This little kindy bear has been everywhere, by the looks of things.

Lolly has been waiting all year to get him to come and play with her and today, she was bursting with glee when she showed him to me when I went to pick her up. Only thing is, whatever began last night (along with the screaming, clawing at the wall while still asleep, bed-wetting nightmare she was having) and appeared to be dormant this morning, had surfaced again. And by 5.30, Eddie was called to arms - literally - and ended up spending his first early night with our poor poorly sausage. I think she's brewing an infection (of the "my wee's hurt" variety...) along with a head that feels like it's been in an oven and yet she's complaining of the cold.

Tough gig, but somebeary's gotta do it

And just as a side note, I am really loving what the kindergarten have done with this bear and encouraging the gathering of stories. How unique must every kindy bear be! So special. I can see, with the adornments on the pages of some of the parents who already have kids at school, that they know how it's done. The presentations are gorgeous - cute decorations, simple, very sweetly worded stories about where Eddie has been while staying at their house for the week, and such a precious memory for the class.

I forgot all the filled-with-wonder things that happen to young kids. I hope the innocence stays in all of them for as long as they feel safe to hold onto it and I wish for each of those sacred hearts a way for them to remain true to their inner self, regardless of all the fads and fashions they'll no doubt get bombarded with as they grow older.

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