Saturday, October 16, 2010


Thank you for last night, blogosphere. I could not have put my chin up without you. Surely you've all at some point in your lives snuck away when you've had guests to check your emails? (if you are saying no, I don't believe you!)

It was a truly gorgeous night. I did not mention to our guests the reason for all the candles I had lit around the house, for never one to do things by halves, I had lighted them all and was thinking about the vast number of people around the world who would be lighting their own throughout the night. And when I looked at the flicker of the flames, I felt the shift in my heart.

It's a great relief to notice joy, you know, when your life at times feels cloaked by depression. You have to remember to grab it, for it can tend to seem as though it is fleeting.

There was a joint tie for the best part of the evening for me. Perhaps you could help me decide, because I think they're equally EEEEEK-AWWW!-worthy:

Exhibit A:
The 'Welcome For Tea' poster Lolly drew for our guests... very AWWWW!
I love that "David" looks like he's recovering from a lobotomy and "Mum" is the only one, suitably, who doesn't have filled-in eyes, giving her that dazed-crazed 'I've been really busy today' look. The little feet, the detail of "Dad's" beard (he wears a perpetual 5 o'clock shadow) that was drawn along with the narrative that "Daddy's looking that way".... it's very special, the most detailed drawing she has ever drawn. Our Keep Artwork box is filled to the brim already but this one, too, is a keeper.

Exhibit B:

An sms came in while I was making the salad, talking with my sister in-law. It was from an old friend, who had given me the name of someone he knew at a major, well-known Australian publishing house. And I was shaking as I read, "Well congrats, Kiddo, X and Y were impressed. Sounds like 'Mind, Body & Spirit' might get back to you. Keep me posted!"  Very EEEEK! I actually let out a sob then an expletive, to the excited amusement of my dear SIL. At around 9pm, another not completely unrelated email landed in my inbox - sometimes my emails go the long way around cyberspace, it had been sent almost five hours earlier - and it was from a potential agent I was put in contact with and had sent my work to the previous day (expecting to be passed along to someone else, not taken up by him per se), and in the email, the agent said he was keen to look further into my work but if I could just give him six weeks..... Er.... Okay! Sure! Can do *that sound was me dropping to the floor again to do a shrieky-kick-dance*

Swings and round-abouts. Swings and round-abouts.

Thank you again for being there to carry me through. Your comments boosted me greatly
*grabbing collective blogosphere in a head-lock, giving it a knuckle-rub.... cue embarrassed shifting of feet*

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