Saturday, October 2, 2010

Today, I....

Am packing away the polar fleece. It's going to be 24ºC! Hello, old friend The Sun.

Am going to Bunnings to look for baby spinach and rocket (rocquet?? I can never tell, the spelling changes everywhere) seedlings to plant in the vegie patch.

Start Pepper on her dementia medication. The old girl has started to call me Roberta and is smelling oranges for no reason. She's losing it. She barks, as regular as a metronome ticking, and it's because she wakes and forgets where she is and what she was doing. And then I go and shush her with various semaphore arm movements (she's deaf) and the look on her sweet face tells me.... she knows who I am and she's sheepish, like "Oh. It's you. Was I making a noise again? I can't tell."

Rescued two lonely, wisened, dried up Bangalow palms from Woolies. They were getting chucked out for $10 each - they were double that price last week. Score, me and them! I love potted palms.

Will attempt to make the chocolate cake I was planning on making since last Saturday, but I reckon the weather will entice me outdoors all day. So, fat chance of cooking.

Am looking forward immensely to the rematch of the AFL grand final. Last Saturday, Steve was sick and spent the day in bed. Lolly and I had a blast watching it and eating pies, but it's more fun with Daddy to explain the rules 'cause we haven't a clue what's going on. We just cheer everybody on.

May just finish weeding the front garden. Heh. I said 'may'.

Will stand in my backyard with my face to the sun and be thankful.

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