Thursday, July 22, 2010

In which I issue a formal public apology

It is time I admitted something I've known for a couple of months now.

The LGBB is in love with DJ Lance Rock. Despite expressing my extreme displeasure with the show in 2008, I actually even find myself rather comforted by it. Perhaps it is because Lol isn't using it as her sole source of vocabulary learning - otherwise, she'd be asking me for something eat like this: "I want it in my belly, my belly, my be-lly. Food. In my belly. MUMMY, IN MY TUMMY!" and so forth - but something in me has softened towards the somewhat ridiculous repetition and condescending tone of DJ Lance Rock (whom I still cannot warm to).

However, Lolly is firmly enraptured. How can I deny it when she smiles at the quirky cartoon fillers and the little segues showing the kids riding various bright and colourful modes of transport? Laughs out loud at the animated robots? Has a look of utter glee on her face for the entire half hour? Says, without fail at the start of the show when DJ Lance walks across the white screen, "I like yer shooooooooooes", with a rhythm you could set a metronome by. Because she does it the same way. Every day.

So. I guess all that is left now is for me to ask all those who knew the magic of the show and read that original post of mine, ranting at the awfulness of Yo Gabba Gabba, to please line up with trousers dropped so I can pucker up and kiss butt.

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