Thursday, July 15, 2010

Party Time, Excellent!

Somehow, four years have zoomed by me and our little Lolly is turning a year older next week.

The obligatory girl's birthday toadstool cake has been requested (since about December last year), so I am heading out to the shops today to stock up on lollies for the decorations.

Anyone made this cake and have any tips? Any do's or don'ts not listed in the recipe book? I must say, I find it hard to believe I will end up with something that looks as good as their photo, from following the instructions. I dunno..... I'm sceptical. And I'm no fan of those heart shaped candies, aren't those the ones that chip your teeth if you try and bite them? (I'm a biter, not a sucker, same as Lol, so I can imagine her hacking away at one and I can't do it to her - I plan to use chocolate coins for the path instead)

Obligatory four-year retrospective to come, on the other blog *taps nose*

And for good effect, let's all just take a reminder look at what the LGBB will be doing to assist the process: Here

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