Saturday, July 31, 2010

Today, I feel like....

Stacey Kent and a warm blanket, curled up on the couch, lappy at the ready.

About to start writing about the IVF part of our story. Faaaark, when will it end! Writing this thing has, so far, felt like it's taken longer than it did to actually live it! And our take-home baby was six years in the making..... Hnnnnnngh.

But today? Today I have resolve and strength and determination. Steve and the LGBB have gone down to the (soggy, grey, rainy) beach to visit his parents for the day. The house is silent. Except for Ms Kent and her companions in my "Book Music" folder in iTunes.

Crank it up, Stacey! Let's get a-writin'......

(by the way, any of you out there still nursing that chapter I gave you? Any chance of having it by Monday, pretty please?? Thank you, dear ones)

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