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Essential oils

If you were expecting a discussion by me of the back catalogue of Midnight Oil's body of work, you'll be sorely disappointed. If, however, you were hoping I was going to talk about essential oils and their uses for, specifically this time, children.... sit right down and grab a cuppa! You've come to the right blog.

By the skin of my teeth this Monday, for the first time in ever so long, here is a post along the vein of my old dusty concept my Monday Mandala theme. Though this time, I am looking at just a few of the many essential oils to be found on the market.

Specifically, I am going to give snippets (below) of how you may use certain oils - and blends - to assist a child through certain challenging or difficult situations or transitions. I cannot express highly enough just how comforting I find it to place oil in a burner, knowing that the subtle properties of the mix I have chosen is helping to create a certain atmosphere, whether that be placid, healing, energising, soul searching... whatever. There are many uses for oils, only some of which I have researched below from my work books.

I just felt the need today, in particular, to do this for the children. There have been a few cases I've been involved with in various forms this past week or few, that I thought it might be pertinent to put here, as a place marker of sorts and a post of reference for anyone coming across it in future.

It could be very useful to build up a little collection of these amazing supportive tools over time - a good essential oil is not cheap, bear in mind - and perhaps start with those that you intuitively have a connection with. There are so many ways they can be helpful. I hope over time, I get the time to continue to share these snippets. Hmmmmm.... I'm starting to sense a blog dedicated to these other modalities coming on..... *wink*

And you know I'm going to have to sign over now with the old cliché.....

Oils Ain't Oils (hyuk hyuk hyuk)

Essential Oils - Uses for children

ROSEWOOD - Mix ROSEWOOD Oil with Oil of JASMINE for a sublime mix for children who are experiencing the trauma of not making lasting friendships. This very fine Oil will help the child see their own worth so strengthening their inner resolve not to dissipate their energies by giving their inner power away to others.
Children experiencing difficulties learning would benefit by burning a mix of ANISEED and ROSEWOOD.

ROSE OTTO - Children benefit greatly from the healing properties of Oil of ROSE OTTO. It calms them and helps them feel more comfortable in their bodies. It is especially useful when children are irritable after being in crowds.

ROMAN CHAMOMILE - helps to free one from following a life of expectations and to find a life where the guidance of the Higher Self leads one to discover their radiance within. (Apart from shock) nothing dissipates and depletes energy more than a being who stops following the heart in order to please others. ROMAN CHAMOMILE is a wonderful Oil for children, especially if mixed with ROSE OTTO, to help them begin to formulate their own bank of inner worth instead of trying to please others for a gauge of who they are.

YLANG YLANG - Burn YLANG YLANG with Oils of GENET and ORANGE for those who are working through the pain of changing friendships groups. It is very important to support a child’s energy matrix at such a time, particularly during puberty as the chakra can become depleted, especially around the heart space. Essence energy is also recommended. Use a flower or gem essence to do with feeling unable to cope with change or loss of identity, as this would be useful to the young person.

EUCALYPTUS - this oil works very well in the room of a child who has ceased to have hope. The signature of EUCALYPTUS is hope, but hope in a very specific sense. It is the kind of hope that flows to a loving heart. It is not the oil for a negative person who doesn't have hope. It is for the being usually connected to universal love, who is experiencing a temporary lapse of hope in their life. In its very essence, it works on the endocrine system to strengthen the heart space and the thyroid gland, to retain and maintain resonance.

ROSEMARY - What a gift this oil brings the being who suffers from a feeling of being suffocated by circumstances, or feels that their true Self is being swallowed up by the expectations of others. The Oil of ROSEMARY expands the frequency of the heart and throat chakras to allow the being to express, in Truth, how they feel thus freeing them from the destructive pattern of going along with others to the detriment of their spiritual growth. ROSEMARY is very good for children who are experiencing these feelings within their school situation. This Oil is very kind to children.

Oil of LAVENDER - is very good to burn for children who are feeling unhappy at school as it will assist the clearing of feeling bound and suffocated by authority and or peer group pressure. It will assist a being to concentrate on the Self and strengthen inner resolve to be in their Truth. If bullying by authority or peers is an issue, add oils of LEMON and TANGERINE. LAVENDER is very good to burn in children’s rooms after a ‘whole house’ healing. It nurtures the heart and stimulates the seventh and eighth chakras for a child.

GERANIUM - In regards to place, burn Oil of GERANIUM in an oil burner for children with phobias and fear of the dark or of unknown things. It is beneficial to use GERANIUM Oil before sleeping as it works best when the body is at rest, relaxing or meditating.

TANGERINE - Many troubled minds can be soothed by the energy of TANGERINE. Many beings run here and there, looking for things to do to make themselves feel better. Oil of TANGERINE will soothe this agitation so that these beings may stop and find the time to look within and discover the joy and contentment of their essence.
Anyone with butterflies in the stomach will also benefit from the burning of Oil of TANGERINE.
Burn Oil of TANGERINE for children, in particular, when they are fearful or very nervous about any challenges that they are facing.
Oil of TANGERINE is also very good to burn when the young female begins her process of menstruation. It will assist the energetic transition that can often cause confusion at this time. Add a little Oil of LEMON if the young one feels an agitation of Spirit due to the passing of her childhood. This reluctance to move onward to the next step of a life can often be a carry-over from times past when leaving childhood brought pain and suffering. So, if this lifetime transition can be smoother by clearing the way energetically for the next step, a great healing will occur for the child, as this progression into pubescence can be a time when the child within and the joy within are neglected. Sometimes they may be so neglected that retrieval of this wondrous energy is most difficult. The child stops playing and enjoying life and having fun, and then turns into the adult who doesn’t play and doesn’t have fun in their life, perhaps in their whole life, perhaps for lifetimes.

With thanks and full credit to Peace Space and
Lee Baxter, "Healing Botanicals: Plant energies to heal person and place"
(Creek Publications, Bendigo 2003)

Got questions or comments? Please feel free to email me (or leave a comment), I love to hear how these work for you~

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