Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Looky here, kids

Hey, lovely people of the wider world!

Am slowly getting there.  Note: if you are one of the 40-odd people who have already gone over to the new blog, this post is going to seem familiar, but somehow.... different *whooooooo!* All's I can say is, I'm sorry to dick you around.

Aherm. Here's the honest-injin last-time-I'll-change-it plan:

I have decided to keep Sunny Side Up.... the old girl is going to remain as she is, I've decided after MUCH deliberation and gnashing of teeth and consulting of trusted friends' opinions. If you have already left a comment about wanting to be invited to read my new private blog, YOU'RE ON! I just need email addresses.... [scratching head and despairing at the technology of it all].

Despite all the shuffling and setting up, I am quite enjoying this. And I feel better for the energy shift already!

Here's what's new:

• There is a new blog, separate from this one, called Energenetics - a mode to healing. This will be where I post those spiritual, other-worldly, practical tools and totems things. It's just a better, neater way to archive things (bit like a reference library) for those of you who have expressed an interest in learning more. Exciting, really, and I hope to see you following posts there if you are moved to do so :)

• There is a second new blog, The Long Tweet, which is now my private blog - please email me your email address (if you haven't already) to be added so you can log in and read there! This will probably change a bit, I'll be more open (what the!? you didn't think it was possible, did you?) because I've been finding lately there have been things I want to say but can't say them, purely for privacy reasons. So I can now! Over there!

• After lots of thought, I have decided Sunny Side Up shall still exist and will look exactly the same as you remember, for the most part. How could I remove it after such wailing!?  Who knew it held such a place in your hearts??? I am humbled. Truly.
So it will remain here as my 'public, personal blog face', with two huge changes: I will not be making the same candid LGBB or 'Steve' posts here (that I can envisage) and will instead be doing that on the private blog. Plus, over time I will be whittling this blog down to the bare essentials, that is, I will be removing certain posts - probably quite a lot of them. This is going to be a slow process that will take a backseat to my various other writing and work projects, so they will remain where they are for the time being.

• Finally, I need to let you know that eventually, the blog address (URL) of Sunny Side Up will change *Kenny Craig hands* - Look into my eyes, my eyes, my eyes, not around the eyes... annnnnd, you're under. I will now attempt to do a switch-a-roony on this here awful awful terrible embarrassing blog address didyabringyablogalong.blogspot.com and will be moving it to my new domain. OMG. I cannot believe I about to say this.... kirrilywhatman.com. There. I did it. Phew! I feel like I'm at a Privacy Anonymous meeting and I just passed the first step. I said my name to the (very crowded) room.

So, once I have sorted out my bloody DNS server rigmarole (I can only seem to add one name server!?!?!?! WHAAAAT? And I know I'm in BIG trouble because not even geek-Steve knows how to help me so I am going to have to call Tech Support on this one (not you, Bloggertropolis geek-Steve, I mean my husband geek-Steve..... although, come to think of it, have you any suggestions??).

In keeping with my new say-my-name program, I now also have a Twitter account. A few of you are already following, so I guess that makes you my sponsors. Or something.  So, even if I don't do an actual post on here as often as I used to, you can see what random shite I can come up with my thoughts in under 140 characters. What's with that?!?  That was put there to stop people like ME treating Twitter like another blog.  Short and sweet, people! They want me to be SHORT and SWEET. [Geddit? GEDDIT?? Actually, TBH, I cannot believe that twitter user name was just sitting there! Like a little pot of gold... heh!] Cannot promise I'll deliver. On either count.

Don't forget to follow me if you have a Twitter account!

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