Saturday, July 24, 2010

I'm thinking of starting a Facebook group

But I can't decide which I have more of a passion for. Which would you join? (you're allowed multiple answers if you can't decide either)

1. Ok, a bit over the wet weather and non-stop mud now
2. If you meow one more time for food, CAT, after I have just fed you, my slipper will be up your clacker
3. *sing it with me* Sixty-four, Sixty-four, Sixty-four Zoo Lane
4. Hot chocolate with marshmallows makes me happy
5. Can't I just wipe the kitchen benches in peace?
6. Is it so wrong to have a crush on Jimmy Giggle?
7. What about Hoot, then?
8. If I indicate to come into your lane, I expect you to let me in, not close up the huge gap
9. If you indicate to come into my lane, I'll let you in because I'm a courteous driver
10. I will do no more than mutter "After you, but of course" under my breath when you PUSH into my lane with only a split second warning
11. Why oh why must I finish the packet if I open it?
12. Confession: I have a secret love for building Lego and push the kid out of the way to finish it on my own
13. Citizens against tight salsa dip lids on jars
14. I want self-cleaning windows
15. Empty toilet rolls in my house mysteriously accumulate on the bathroom counter but I'm the only one apparently who sees them
16. I am addicted to boiling my kettle without pouring the drink - latest tally = 10:1 boils to pours
17. Little tiny robins in my garden make my day
18. It was fun at first, but if I don't get Boggis, Bunce and Bean out of my head soon, I will rip my ear canals out

Am I missing any? Surely I am. Have any of these already been done? Do you think I could get 1 million followers for #13? (I do)

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