Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A storm in a mix-master

Caused by cupcakes. Apparently.

I'm very cross! Why are cupcakes deemed so unsafe to hand out at kindy that they have a blanket ban on the things?

I know, I know.... food allergies. Possibility of unsafe/unhygienic food practices in the home kitchen spells potential liability for the centre it was handed out in.

But how is it that the LGBB's party on Saturday was made up almost entirely of children from the same two government run child care places - who miss out on the home baked efforts of their friends' mothers when their respective birthdays come around - willingly and freely gobble down a home made, carseat slingshot cake and nobody thinks twice about it? Is it a case of these centres circumventing any ounce of responsibility/liability, have there really been cases of parents holding a centre to blame after becoming sick or having some reaction from a baked good? If a parent wants to stand with their feeble little home-baked offerings in Tupperware at the door, giving leaving parents the option of taking one or not for their child, is it not between the parents?? It's not like I was going to hold everyone hostage in the room until they folded and took a delicate little muffin, now, was it?

This is an open-shut case of the system gone mad, to me. Bureaucracy gone troppo. I just don't understand why we can't even have the option to offer, and decide. That's almost akin to someone telling you how to raise your child and what's best for them.

Ah, well. Sucks to be them. They miss out on my white choc-iced mini cupcakes, look at them in that photo up there, tinted in shades of pinks, yellows and greens. But I'm sad that they unwittingly take the fun out of birthdays for kids, who just want to share a bit of lurve with their buddies.

Do you have the same reg's at your child care places? Have you ever marvelled, as you stood at a birthday party with the very same kids, how the parents are okay with letting kids eat your party food if it's on your property? Has it ever occurred to you that it's these places making the rules that start instilling the fear into us at such a very tender age? (the kids' age, not the parents')

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