Sunday, July 25, 2010

Request for a chapter read and comments

Anyone who's interested in reading a very short chapter of the book, could you contact me? (Comment here or email is best)

I have something of a pivotal chapter here and would really appreciate some feedback. As it's longer than one of the usual excerpts I've put up here occasionally, I thought it best/easier to just send it to a few of you, rather than post it up on the blog. That and, as a rather important turning-point chapter, it wouldn't be a good idea to leave it wide open to the www now, would it? ;)

I have no idea what sort of response I am going to receive, so can't say how many I will send out. I would need you to read and comment by the end of this coming week (Friday 30th July).

Well, ummm.... so.... thanks in advance! *cap in hand* 

Email:  kirrily(at) geneticfactor(dot) com, or if you have an email address of mine already, feel free to use that. Ta.

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