Monday, March 1, 2010

The only bookstore I don't want to be stocked in

I'm sure many of you think by now that my book is a mythical concoction of my own imagination. I'm beginning to think it's as real as a unicorn myself.

I haven't written anything (insofar as the book goes, anyway) for months. This story and I have been on quite the learning journey together and I now know the way it works - it sits and waits, patiently, while I go and ground myself in more of my true reality, learning and healing and gathering as I go. I know it is part of the magic that will eventually be woven into this story, if only I have the eye on the end "prize" and trust that the long-drawn-out method the writing has turned out to be will lead to a journey that becomes useful to others, not just in terms of the actual events, but in the process of how I kept my head above water (and how I took breaths when I was under the water as well!).

Anyway. All this is a long winded way of me saying........ WHEN it's finished and ONCE I get it published (somehow, some way), all's I can say is, I would really rather not be associated with this bookstore:

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