Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Can it beee that it was all so simple then?

Oh, how I am loving ('scuse me for banging on) this Linkwithin widget now it's actually working on my blog!

If you didn't ever read/see this post I did a while back (and you want to know a bit more about cosmopolitan Melbourne's daggy past before her apparent "makeover" sometime in the past 10-20 years), I urge you to go read about our very own international-style play park. I still guffaw when I see those old commercials.

And how can I gleefully delight in the trip down memory lane without bringing your attention to this - a much needed mummy-time-out, by the looks of it. Mind you, that mama doll's coffee would be so icy cold by the time she actually managed to enjoy a sip of it, what with the running around and herding and negotiating and wiping and consoling she's probably had to do whilst in the middle of drinking the mammoth thing.

Ah, the memories.

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