Friday, March 19, 2010

My little beanstalk

I measured the LGBB last in January on the 22nd. She was 106cm then.

After a rather harrowing week (and especially weekend) which was spent mostly in tears - I was too tired to cry any so they were all hers this time - I decided to measure Lolly again on Sunday just gone.

When will I learn that gnashing of teeth and days-full of tears and wretchedness are NOT the "new her"?

The kid has grown 4cm in two months! She now stands at 110cm. Gahhhhd. I feel like I'm never going to put two and two together when it's happening and only realise things that are happening for her physiologically in hindsight.

And just.... thank God I am saving for her wardrobe already.

Sorry: just had to edit this post to show you this post that came up in the widget. Remember? Oh my sides...

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