Thursday, March 4, 2010

End of an era

Well, I just farewelled Lolly's first, last and only pram to its new owner - a happy Ebay winner.

And I am feeling rather forlorn! Despite the fact that we no longer need the pram - and there are no prospective hand-me-down recipients likely to join our family anytime soon - and it's crazy for us to keep it, I dunno. I feel.... sad about it!

It was the pram I used to (finally) take my newborn Lol to the shops, where I would go to "practice" being a "new mum" amongst other new mums and pretend I felt normal, when inside, I felt strange, bereft, exilharated, fatigued to the point of self-combustion in those early sleep deprived, heady days.

It came on our first outing as a family together (to our fave restaurant, to have breakfast like we'd always done, yet now we were in the strange other-world... we were now parents, again, but with a child to show for it, to take out and prove our journey).

I look now at these photos of this time and they belie the turmoil I was in, emotionally. And, aside from all that, look how MASSIVE that newborn dummy looks in her gob! Soooo funny because they really are such tiny dummies.

The pram was there, too, when I captured the LGBB's first ever hand clap!

It was there when we took her on our first family holiday - we drove 11 hours to our quiet central NSW coast destination and the LGBB was an absolute champ. And so, of course, was the pram, ever faithful and giving me the much-needed crutch I required, let alone her, so far from home.

See here? Her little friend is pointing and saying, "I want THAT praaaam, WAHHH!"

When my kid brother got married in 2007, Lolly characteristically slept through the entire ceremony, having already lapped up the pre-wedding audience goo's and gah's at her baby blues in the divine little matching flowergirl dress. So she didn't do her job... but she was there, orright? In the pram. Snug and comfy.

One of my favourite ever photos of our Lolly Gobble Bliss Bomb

This pram has done all the usual. It's been on picnics (and check this quick link out too, just for a giggle at a dumb dog)...

...caught a train or two...

...and generally been there often when a good time has been had by us as a little fam.

I guess it's no wonder I am so emotional about saying goodbye to what this little piece of our history, of Lolly's history, has meant to us.

And to think, when my mother's group and my friends were complaining about their prams and buying their second, or their third, my trusty little Ebay win for the princely sum of $139 has just kept serving and serving and serving. Easy to wheel around, fits through any tight space, and cute to boot. Ah! I will miss it.

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