Tuesday, March 2, 2010

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Lately, I have had so much to blog about! So many discoveries I want to discuss. But look at my posts. You can probably see, if you're a seasoned reader here, that I have a lot going on, just by the very surface-nature of my writing. I tend to write very short, off-the-cuff posts when my creativity is being yanked in another direction. I also still have 2-3 website/design projects on the go at any one time, which has been the case since about October last year - it creates a drain on my reserves that I have to allow space for so that the well doesn't run dry (also need a bit o' creativity in reserve to come up with new and exciting ways to glue stuff to other stuff, for the LGBB, who is a craftoholic - how she loves glitter, torn paper, egg cartons and glue!).

Personally (well, I guess it is fast becoming 'professionally'), I am in a phase of learning just SO much right now. I'm understanding more than I ever have about spiritual lore vs spiritual 'law' (and all that pertains to both these things). Learning about our individual roles in perpetuating these disillusioned truths we hold (truths about ourselves, our friends, our loved ones, our neighbours, different communities, entire races - animal, vegetable and mineral). Helping to uncover theories about the close relationship between our psyche, our spirit and our soul and what/who really runs the show, which further perpetuates how we live our lives and, in turn, how that then contributes to the Earth's destruction, en masse. And these all run in to just so many other things that I find it difficult to even succinctly raise them here.

I'm also feeling the pull from a young miss who is constantly willing me to strive for a better way of life (and for me, that is nothing to do with how I look, what size I am, what I own, what I have, what I wear or eat or drive). Simply by her existence and her presence in my life, I am reminded to really look at what is my truth/natural original self as opposed to that which has been taught and imprinted on me throughout my life, in order that future generations of our family line do not repeat these outmoded, rather spiritually barbaric ways. The LGBB teaches me part of the way in how she needs to be raised and guided, but the rest of it is my reponsibility to... well, get responsible!

And so with all these things combined, I feel not so much a nagging but a gnawing. Constantly willing me to pull my socks up and remind myself of another way that does not involve anger, or idleness - in the form of escapism, using things like alcohol, internet surfing, tv, etc. - and actually opens up vast pockets of space in time in which I can fully reconnect with who I truly am, which in turn helps me cope and compartmentalise and sweep out dusty, dark corners of my existence. Today, I am steeped in trying to understand about reliances on the Father being related to an addiction/reliance on Father Time. Ho boy, what a sit up and take notice lesson this one is!

So, speaking of which, I have to go! Things to do, souls and Higher Selves to connect with, yada yada.... Please do bear with me, I'm just very pushed for time (as are we all, I know). But I'm in a phase of finding a new balance - I'm not trying to find it, it's finding me, and I am actually very grateful to the grounding nature of the Energenetics work I am editing and involved in (Energenetics = basically, the study of the energy behind our genetic coding and "what makes us tick" and, most importantly, how to heal family lines/ties and relationships, but on a purely energetic level - it starts with the Self and ends with the Self... an incredibly humbling process to integrate and realise).

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