Wednesday, March 3, 2010

It's only me

Have you ever noticed how many people say, "It's just me" or "It's only me" when they phone you or leave a message on your voicemail?

I hadn't realised how often people say this until I just cleared ten messages off my machine. And only one person said, "Oh hi, it's Mary..." The rest were a rather dazzling succession of callers who announced themselves in this fashion.

Do you get that? Or do you say it? I think I do when I call and have to leave a message! "Hi, it's only me..."

What does it mean? Is it because the caller thinks the person they've phoned is hiding from someone? Telemarketers perhaps? Or the bank manager who asked ten days ago for them to drop in the form they requested in order to process the mortgage details so that... oh. Wait, that could just be me. But yeah. Apart from that, who are these people so fearful of receiving calls that we have to start with "Hello, only me..."?

Or is it that we are so self-deprecating that we don't put enough value on ourselves that the person is wanting to receive our call?

Shouldn't it be "HEY! You are soo-oo-oooooo lucky, my friend, because.... it's ME!" Hmmm, don't think I'll be announcing myself like that anytime soon. But feel free to try it on your friends! Tell me how many hang-ups you get.

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