Sunday, February 28, 2010

Suddenly, the horizons broaden!

Well, I have to say, I was about ready to ditch the Linkwithin widget which puts up the "you may also like" suggestions at the bottom of my posts. After seeing it around on several blogs for a while and enjoying it as a way to get to know the owners of those blogs I was new to, I thought it would be a good way to randomly generate some "remember that?" moments for the old readers and give the newbies something to sink their teeth into on my own blog.

But just the same half dozen posts kept appearing and I was, like, "Whaa'?? I have written SOOOO much more than just a few posts, dagnabbit."

Looks like it's fired off sometime in the past 24 hours, because it's now spewing out titles that even I can't remember and am going off to read them. Case in point: this irresistible specimen from almost two years ago that I had completely forgotten about. And this... this needs no introduction but (again) a crazy stare. Hey, if you do use the widget and find something that tickles your funnybone, moves you (in favour or otherwise) or just makes you interested, do drop me a comment on the post you find! I'd love the trip down memory lane - that's the funny thing about blogs, isn't it? Pretty soon, a lot of your "good work" and effort gets buried down the drain, piled atop by yet more drivel.

Heh. Who knew this widget could be so useful? *tuneless whistle*

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