Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A mandala for Thursday

It has been a long while since I cracked out a mandala (on here, anyway), but have been compelled to slip this one in here. It is profound reading and timely, as we are moving in to the energy of Red (around the end of this month) which sits on the Mother line - the paper below is in White, which is a complementary colour to Red energetically (it balances out the effects felt of Red). If you are moved to do so, it might be a well-placed exercise to diarise the push-pull plays you may be feeling in the lead-up to March - what choose you? Do you get swept up in another's powerplays? Are you able to discern between your higher consciousness principles (and act from this truth accordingly) and the truths of others that are overlaying your own?

Things are always a-stirrin' and I don't ever discount, these days, the effects of the unseen on my moods and intolerances. I often miss the lesson for the screaming and thrashing (coming from me!) but then am able to turn around and look at what I did and dissect my behaviour. Sometimes, the more I know, the more I know I don't know, but this doesn't mean I ought to give up seeking to learn what I can.


the colour of...BRIGHT WHITE
the sound chord of …Bb minor
the essence of...MOTHER OF PEARL... Helpful in times of challenge, heavy karma or soul-level transition, MOTHER-OF-PEARL helps those who live in an intense state to feel calmer and less afraid, especially in their instinctive or survival-orientated issues. MOTHER OF PEARL assists you towards their goal of acceptance, growth, and/or responsibility. It also helps those who have the purpose of the spiritualist, idealist or realist. It heals stress by keeping the body clear of stressful body chemicals and hormones, and calls all bruising of long-held abuse from being held in the body.

This Mandala is the gateway to the hurts of your past incarnations and of your present incarnation, hurts which have been caused by allowing your overplay of others’ opinions to influence and overlie your own truth and the safety of your walk. This Mandala will repair the “black holes” in your etheric pattern through which your energy has drained into retreat. This Mandala offers you the pattern of a personal, peaceful point of view which will mellow the harshness of any attack resulting from reclusive hurts of abuse. This Mandala will close the past and gather your energy so that you can walk with self-assurance. This Mandala will surface those shadows of sadness that require positive experiences to transition them so that you can achieve greater understanding as to their real cause and move away from the fear that defiles you.

This Mandala will also help you dissolve any illusion, deception or blockage by means of your willingness to face issues pertaining to your ego and your “child state”. Your ego and your child state hurt your perceptional state by preferring to view circumstances through “rose-coloured glasses” which ultimately mask reality. You are now being called upon to face your onus of truth willingly, even though this may seem harsh or confronting for you.

This will be most apparent wherever there has been personal abuse of any form. You will want so desperately to view the world through the eyes of peace and love and interact accordingly, yet, in doing so, you will be expecting your journey to be fulfilled before it has completed itself – before you have toiled in the interplay required for you to evaluate your opinion of all aspects of the situation. You will have to learn that before you can view a clean, clear space you have first to tidy up the mess!

If you have formerly been abused by the energies of confrontation or misleading guidance, the perceptional levels of your etheric pattern will “feel bothered”. You are likely to avoid interacting with similar situations, to avoid searching them with your intuition and initiative and, therefore, avoid surfacing the abilities that such interactions require of you. Here it will be necessary for you to hold to your purpose, to your protection and to the purity of your intent so you can produce your promise to yourself of standing peacefully and gathering your ability beyond the push of other pressures or power.

This will be a lesson for you in mastering your emotions by recognising your conscious and subconscious reactions and so surfacing them from your feelings. Such work will allow you to stabilise the overplay you engaged with in the past. It will prepare your mind to view this emotional state through the Sight of Reason. This, then, will allow you to work more securely with your instincts and survive your walk in the interactions of your daily physical life with strength and peace of mind.

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