Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Her first day

An exciting morning this morning, as the LGBB took her backpack ("school bag", she is insisting on calling it) and slung it over her shoulders to set off to her kindy for her first day at "school". Never mind that she has had this same bag for over two years and never more than once or twice wanted to carry it or wear it or acknowledge it in any way. Today, she was all growed up and did it herself!

SO, without further ado ("c'mon, c'mon, quick, we can't be late!" she says to me... FINALLY, the toddler understands the meaning of urgency in getting out the door!!!), I give you Lolly's steps to a fantabulous morning with new friends, teachers and wonders:

Step 1.
Wear your Best. Your VERY best. Your pinkest and most golden sparkly best, even at the behest of your mummy that you might want to rethink that.

Step 2.
Swagger! It is the best way to get to kindergarten. And it's oh so enjoyable to stop and collect flowers, little stones, feathers (WHO KNEW BIRDS DROPPED SO MANY FEATHERS!), fistfuls of grass that take yer fancy. And hand them all to mummy, who will think you are sooooooooooo cute for acting like you've never seen any of these natural wonders before. You're on a Learnin' Mission! A-Learnin' we will go. That's what you do when you go to "school". Learn.

Step 3.
Grab a seat somewhere where you can scan the room for potential friends, dangers, erratic situations, amazing posters that make your eyes pop. Go to the nearest baby and bung it in a pram. Look busy.

Step 4.
The Stepford Wife pose. This is preferable to do with a National Heritage-listed bluestone cottage wall in your frame. It makes it more Authentik (sic.). Whip up a treat with a tomato, an orange, a spud and.... some weird plastic-coated goop that looks like it is supposed to be either an omelette or dog sick in a frypan.

Step 5.
Suggest a walk to the park with mummy and your new baby. Take food. Just pile it all in. Baby won't mind. In fact, she'll keep smiling no matter whether you jam the bottle in her eye or turn her upside down to see if she has batteries or a pooey bottom.

Step 6.
Enjoy a relaxing puzzle on a nanna quilt. You know you want to.

So she's there, she's settled, she's also reconnected with a couple of little equally bewildered looking little darlin's from her occasional care morning she did last year, to ease her in to the building. The LGBB and I love this place. It is a mere stone's throw from our house and one of my favourite things to do last year was take the short walk with Lolly, down our gorgeous street and over to this heritage listed building. This year, we get to do it twice a week! It has a very Steiner feel to it, with some adorable toys and the most caring carers you could ever hope to drop your child off into the care of (oh my, what an awkward sentence THAT was!).

Anyway. We love it. Most importantly, I hope she has loved it today. I have gotten so much done this morning, I am feeling quite a lot lighter of my work load. The pile has been dinted. And I have also decided: I don't like Mondays.

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