Tuesday, February 16, 2010


The last plinth board went on the house yesterday. Our builder has finished the inside of the house and all the external touches!

All that remains to complete is the porch off the new laundry door entry and the garage. That starts in about a month. We still have heaps of painting to do (skirting boards, architraves and all the nail patches - urgh, fun job), but who cares? I can live in a room with raw timber for a while!

So we are movin' in! I have begun stocking the shelves of our cupboards and I am so excited to discover that an entire huge suitcase full of linen looks pissy and lost on the shelf space - so much storage I could cry for joy. There is more to go in there, but I will still have room to spread things out. And the large cupboard (first photo) doesn't even have all the shelves put in yet - we are using this cupboard as the media hub (printers, networking stuff, TV servers, etc.) on one side and on the other is all of Lolly's craft/paint boxes, as you can see. The shelves above are for board games and other family fun things like that. Something I have ALWAYS, always wanted to have in a home - a family cupboard. And yes, there is actually room for us to stand in there with the doors shut, would you believe! So a *real* family cupboard. We are just daft enough to hide in there together and jump out, 'Surprise!', at unsuspecting guests too, because we can tend to be goofy like that.... Hmmmm, wonder if the parents in-law would cope well with that little prank *finger to chin*

The tiler comes next week and then the LGBB will also have her bathroom and toilet ready to use. More photos a bit later, when I have more "spare" time....

It feels so good to be moving out of the cramped space we've been living in for five months and into this lovely, light-filled new part of our home. Ahhhhh, expansion. I can feel it, our horizons are beginning to broaden.

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