Monday, February 16, 2009

What is Koala saying?

Alrighty, here I go again with another post I'm so uncertain about sharing but forging right on ahead.

I'm working around to doing a more indepth post on Koala as an animal totem. But for now, here are my random, scattered thoughts.

Not only because we've seen many photos these past weeks showing koalas coming out of their trees to accept water from human beings (unheard of!), but I have had this growing sense of kinship to this wonderful native Australian animal for some months now. I think somehow it goes with Mookaite.

So far, amongst my research and what has come to me via others' previous work on this gorgeous furry friend:

• Koala means, loosely translated, "No Water" or "No Drink"
• Dreamtime legend of the Koala basically revolves around the Koala having the power to inflict drought on the lands
• The Koala is, like the Kangaroo, unique in that it gives birth to its young prematurely and nurtures it within with its life-giving milk (I believe this is why I felt a pull to the Koala, as this is possibly one of the keys to its importance in my future area of intuitive work)
• In terms, again, of the resonance with what I believe is my calling/to stay close or true to, I also found this fascinating:

From here

Important Koala Teaching: Holding On

“Koala, with a firm grip on life, always knows where he is going (even if he appears to be going slow) by the opportunities that he has been presented with.” Copyright: “Wisdom of Australian Animals”, Ann Williams-Fitzgerald.

“The Koala is a reminder that we are stronger than we imagined, and we will be able to hang on through whatever situation is occurring in our life.” Copyright: “Animal-Wise”, Ted Andrews.

Koala’s Wisdom Includes:
Ability to Climb Over Obstacles
Finding Safe Haven
Giving Support
Having a Firm Grip On Life
How to be Comfortable With Your Own Company
Holding On
Being Focused
The more I read, the more I firmly believe that this has been my personal totem for my whole life - waiting for the right time (a Koala's pace!!) to be uncovered by me in my slow (also at a Koala's pace ;-) spiritual awakening.

So what are these Koalas actually saying? Literally coming up to our faces to tell us? If you would like to read more now, I found this absolutely fascinating and may also be of interest to you. Well worth the read, I think.

I am getting a rounder sight about it and hope to put something on paper soon (it might be a fair while, months even, before I publish it here for I will get it drafted and most likely it will form part of the work I'm doing this year on Dawn/Masters Pink... OMG they think I'm going to be helping bring that work through, yikes!!).

But I do truly firmly believe that what is happening here with these marsupial-human interactions is so incredibly profound, far beyond a simple "No water up trees, coming down to seek water." I mean.... why are they bowling up to humans? Humans who happen to have cameras, no less?! It's not even lost on me that these photos are flying around cyberspace, further reducing the vastness of the world and bringing us closer in so we really look at these creatures and ask...

What are they trying to tell us?

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