Sunday, February 22, 2009

The day Beyoncé confused us all

Something I've hitherto not admitted is...... oh no, here we go.....

The LGBB is in love with this song. Why? Why that one?? But okay, it's happened, we've had our cringe and we've decided to move on (and allow her to douse us all in replaying of the damn thing over and over - I did it when I was a kid, but my song of choice to singe my parents' ears was Mamma Mia).

Yesterday, on about the four hundred and twenty-eighth replaying of it, I snapped. I stopped what I was doing, turned to Steve and said, "What is she going on about? Hair on what?" And Steve stared back at me blankly, the LGBB dance-jumping between us.

"Don't be scared if you see it's got hair on it?" I recited.

It's totally beyond me, what Beyoncé says in that section of the chorus. I don't really care to know. And we've made a bit of a sport of it when it comes around in the song.

Don't be scared if you see it's got hair on it?
Lather up if you see it's got hair on it...?
Don't be fair if you cheat and have cheese with it.

Oh we have no idea. And frankly, it's more fun not to know.

I feel so old. And yet, so juvenile at the same time *snigger*

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