Friday, February 6, 2009

Good grief

Well, this is it. The eve of the grief counselling course. It's weekend-long, so I am expecting to be beat by this Sunday night. Beat, but full.

Next week is Master Crimson class too. This year, I plan to study the Masters colours (having done the 13 Colour Rays healing course last year, which was all about the 13 levels of human perception - lots of 'work on yourself/heal the healer' stuff). The Masters colours are an extension of this work, where I will really start to expand my levels of responsibility and spiritual energy within myself and how to responsibly share that out toward humanity. And the biggie, the one I've been really itching to get into, starts this month too, on the 25th: Energenetics.
"Energenetics is a method of transforming the body’s cellular memory, of assisting the individual to release outmoded, genetically influenced perceptions and pathways from their etheric pattern and to create new perceptions and pathways that are no longer co-dependent but uniquely their own" - from here.
Must remember not to wear eye makeup tomorrow! Should be great, I am really looking forward to expanding my learning, as always when I take on a new course. This is it, my baby girl, my greatest teacher - I am beginning to pull it all together now and give it back out.

It's been five years. It's time.

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