Sunday, February 8, 2009


The number (expected to rise) of human lives lost in Victoria so far. Over 640 homes. Many people unaccounted for, trapped in their towns.

We are safe (completely out of danger, fire is out where we are now). Thank you for your emails and messages. Our fire team up here did a miraculous job. When I drove down the highway (they reopened it today), what I saw made the tears come to the surface. Incredibly, they appear to have saved all homes that were under threat and there are several homes untouched yet totally surrounded by completely blackened blocks. It is the weirdest sight and I cannot imagine the terror of the families within.

My thoughts tonight, though, are with the families still to determine who amongst them are safe. I'm shattered from the grief counselling course. I feel battered about what I'm feeling with regard to these fires, it seems to have layered over the intensity of grouping this weekend with people who were brought together for a common goal. More on that, perhaps, in another post.

For now, there are simply no more words I can say to express the sadness. It brings back memories of Ash Wednesday, at the time a disaster I thought (in my 9 year old mind) would never be topped. It seems this weekend, it has been.

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