Tuesday, February 10, 2009

What would Pepper say?

I know Jazz would be up for a new temporary playmate or ten... but what about the old girl?

To donate or offer other assistance for domestic ANIMALS suffering in the wake of the fires you can contact Animal Aid on (03) 9739 0300.

To donate urgently needed $$'s to WILDLIFE VICTORIA, go online here.

To directly support RSPCA staff and volunteers at the front-line caring for animals affected by the bush fires, please donate here.

Can you help further? To support the RSPCA's emergency relief effort in other ways, please complete their assistance form detailing the support you can offer. If they can accept your generous offer, they will contact you soon.

I may yet see if we can take in any animals for people. Will have to see. But I will definitely be donating money for them to feed and house the poor little guys.

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