Friday, February 13, 2009

Did you mean .... Airily?

There's one thing about my name that has always presented a challenge for computer spellcheckers. My Dad has always said you can't say my name angrily. He thinks it's the "ily" ending that does it. I tend to agree. Then again, I've never been so cross with myself that I talk out loud to myself and say my own name in anger. Except for that one time when I let on to my best friend that I really liked Nigel (shuddup that was his name, yes really, and he was heavenly) and then discovered that her older brother was very good friends with said Nigel and this one time, when we walked into the school library, there he was. Nigel. And my very own BFF threw me to the wolves when she called out excitedly to Nigel, "Nigel! That's the one I told you about!" and pointed to me so close that she actually dug her finger into my upper arm. Sigh. Groan. Cringe. Vomit. I was fourteen. That time, that time yes, I really let myself have it when I got home and yes, probably definitely did utter my own name in disgust at myself for being so stoopid as to divulge my secret love.

Hennnnyway, I was amused today when suggestions to correct my name were thrown at me when I was completing a report for work....


Rather boring, really. But none of them could be said whilst sounding enraged.

It got me thinking. Would any of these, seriously, cut it as a yuneek-sounding name? Personally, I don't think so.

So, tell me (either including your "real" name or not), what have spellcheckers called you? Nothing offensive, I hope. And in your opinion, would they make the Best or Worst Names list?

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