Friday, September 10, 2010

Joy, bliss and dog's piss

My internet is going to be going down possibly today, for up to 10 days.....
Firstly, OHMYFREAKINGGODWHATWILLIDO if it takes that long?? Secondly, that will explain my absence if I just disappear and stop visiting your blogs/replying to emails. Cheers.

Welcome, FYBFers!

Yesterday, Melbourne threw out an uncharacteristically sunny, dare I say warm, day. So Lolly and I seized the moment and the good weather and hopped on a train to go to old bookstores. We're on an old children's book hunt at present and have found some fabulous old Ladybird series simple readers that she is loving - the illustrations are so much better in some of these older books, I really can't stand how smooth-lined and uniform all these remakes are becoming, like The Magic Roundabout and Winnie The Pooh to name just two.

In the late afternoon light, I captured these photos on our walk home.

Standing outside the house of a dear friend from kindergarten.
This is the pose Lolly takes when something so blisses her out that the only thing for it is to hug herself. I've never been able to capture it on camera and I'm so glad I have it.
I wonder sometimes if she'll still do this when she's 18.

Then she picked me a flower. I almost swooned from the cuteness. She handed it to me. And, as if in slow motion, I thanked her and brought the delicate daisy up to my nostrils, smiling at my sweet child. We locked eyes as I breathed the flower in deeply........

And recoiled as my brain made the connection that what I was smelling was, undeniably, Neighbourhood Dog Piss. I hurried Lolly along home, discreetly discarding the wee flower on the way, where I promptly washed my hands.


p.s. There's a new post over at The Long Tweet... *taps nose*

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