Tuesday, September 14, 2010

While you wait

Please excuse me from truly getting back into blogging (our internet went down over the weekend..... did you notice? I DID!!!!) while I kick a sudden lurgy to the curb - it rendered me useless/listless sharply at 4.30 this morning and I surprised myself by managing to hold off puking til after 6am, before falling into an unconscious stupor til after 9am. Thank heavens Steve has proven himself a worthy addition to the new team at work so he wasn't incredibly impatient while I gathered my senses (now sans stomach contents) and he hung around til 9.30 and took Lolly to kinder for me. I'm still feeling VERY very average *grimace*

Now, in brief Proud Mummy Moment news, please allow me some space to uncharacteristically beat my chest about my young charge....


We have a little dancing starlet in the house!

Little Miss Bliss-Bomb finished her dance term yesterday and before the concert/class began, her teacher (her name is Eleanor, wouldn't you know it...) approached me and said how well Lolly had been doing and how much she had improved this term. We had snuck the LGBB up to the 4 year-old class when Lolly was only three - something that this nationally run programme doesn't allow and which the teacher and I agreed was a "dumb rule anyway" and didn't cater for children who were ready for more of a challenge and ready to advance before they got bored and hated coming. She has now spent just two terms in this older class and takes them very earnestly. But, it seems, she has already outgrown that programme as well.

The teacher and the venue's principal asked us to stay behind at the end of yesterday's concert so we could discuss how I felt about letting Lolly slip through to the "big kids'" class. I have some reservations, of course... she is, after all, only just four and some of these kids are about to turn six. I'm also wary of the "growing up too quickly" and *perish the thought* precociousness factors - although, I know this is a controlled environment and I trust her teacher here implicitly. She is a gorgeous and delightful young woman who is highly professional and very skilled at meeting young children on their level. So the opportunity for Lol to nurture her fast-blossoming expression through dance and drama can't be sneezed at, in this nurturing environment. Her teacher wants her to do well and to, mostly, enjoy it. The possibility of the LGBB getting bored with the programme next term by doing another stint with the un-choreographed four year-old class is more of a likelihood than the former.

All we can do is give it a shot, we can always come back to the four year-olds again.

Something tells me Lolly is going to just revel and blossom in this move. The classes in this age group involve choreographed dance/movement, drama and singing components. She is a budding comedienne/entertainer extraordinnaire - which we knew, from watching her around the house in her comfort zone - but when it is recognised by a teacher who is encouraging Lolly to develop her natural talents, I feel very blessed, proud and so happy for our girl.

Way to go, Miss LGBB!  You've come a long way since "Oh, Micky" a year ago, kiddo!  xxxx

Hey Lolly! from Lolly Lovers on Vimeo.

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