Thursday, September 2, 2010


That's what she's known as in this house anyway. Or Wagger-D.

Well, that and The Little Shit, Shit-Head, Retardo Montalban, Drongo, Jazzmat (because they are the two most often-uttered words we have to yell at her - Jazz! MAT!), and just plain old uninspiring Stinky.

Waggedy-Ann. That fucking wagging tail. It's as strong as a kangaroo's with just as much kick in it *pun intended*  Poor Pep has taken to bracing and closing her eyes just in case when she's behind Jazz because, guaranteed, the old girl will get socked in the face by that menacing, unstoppable wagging lethal weapon. I have even heard Peppy wince.... before she tries to maul Jazz's ears off. She might be old but don't go mistaking old for slow.

But god, she's a gorgeous sight to behold. If, you know, you like dogs that is. I still get stopped by at least one person every single time I take her out (which is roughly two-three times a week these days).

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