Thursday, September 9, 2010

Smells, sights and sounds of today

Oranges off the tree - tangy scent with the LGBB's little tooth marks scraped through every fleshy quarter

The laundry, begging for attention - the cat's tray taunting me in the corner. Cat piss tang really hits the back of your throat before it burns holes in your lungs doesn't it?

The sky - it's a volatile blue, there's an unsettled sense of calm in the air today. Thunderstorms are forecast but for now, the fast-rolling white clouds across the new sky and wind gusts are adding interest to an otherwise mild morning.

Pepper - jeebus, dog, remind me to get you a cork. What are we feeding you?? Her breathing is so laboured all the time now, even at rest. She sounds as if she is in deep sleep, the way she snores, but her doleful eyes are still fixed on me as I move around the kitchen. She misses more than she catches these days. I can't let her go.

The cat's bell on her collar - didn't I just let you out? Why can I hear tinkling inside? I swear, she is Hudini.

A 4' high rudie-nudie doing a streak across the living room - if I've asked her once, I've asked her 20 times. In the past five minutes. Put some clothes on, miss!  *the sound of giggling as she scarpers back to her warm bedroom and continues her birthday suit dance*

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