Thursday, September 23, 2010

Pepper update

Damn damn damn. I think my old dog is in renal failure. Off to vet now. I'm ready for them to tell me the worst. But shit... I'm SO not ready for her to go.

Pepper :(  My best buddy for the past 15 years. Shit. I remember telling Steve I was hopeful she would live til she was eight, because she was such a tough old dog. I thought that translated into 'hard life, short life'. But no.

This dog has taught me so much.  I told her on Monday - the crying day - that if she had to go, she should go. She has deteriorated since then and I noticed tonight big saggy fluid sections in her underbelly. Her breathing is even more laboured. She appears to have bloated hugely overnight.

I have to let her go. I know I do. I just guess I could be selfish and bargain a little more time.

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