Friday, October 23, 2009

What you don't want to hear

Me: I can't find these pants I've got to send! Someone's expecting me to mail them today.
He: What pants?
Me: Lolly's old jeans. I sold them on Ebay. This girl's paid and she's waiting for me to post them.
He: Mmmmm...I dunno. Where did you last see them?
Me: Here *gesticulates to immediate, mid-renovation-cramped vicinity* I had everything that sold piled right here to send.
He: Ah.
Me: What?
He: Well...
Me: Wait, where did you get Lolly's pants from this morning when I asked you to dress her?
He: Eh... here *gesticulating in the same area*
Me: I THOUGHT they looked ridiculously short on her! LENNY!!

And with that, I went over and took off the LGBB's Harry high-pants, now soiled from the day and requiring washing. Again.

Ohgodohgodohgod, I hope the girl who bought them has a good sense of humour, considering I had to send her an email just now that began, "Dear Toni. I'm utterly mortified, but see, it's like this...."

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